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This flag evokes Raven’s voice in our time, the voice of the trickster totem, a voice that admonishes connectedness to nature and to traditional knowledge, but also the voice that kindles the trickster qualities of creativity, adaptability and resilience, that we need as we face the approaching Ragnarok.

The reintroduction of the Raven flag rests on Rune Hjarnø’s
research in the Nordic Raven Totem as a part of a circumpolar transregional raven mythology that you find all around the Northern Hemisphere among very different peoples, such as Siberian, Indigenous North American and Inuit. Explanation here.

The Raven Totem symbol has been created in a collaboration between Rune Hjarnø, Ave Maria Nielsen, Eva Mm Engelhart and Uffe Berenth
. It combines a number of archeological finds into a contemporary Raven design that emphasizes the Raven as totemic.

Size: 105x165 cm ( 41,3" x 64,9")

Material: 100% polyester flag fabric (115g /

Cleaning the flag:
Outdoor flags can be machine washed on gentle cycle in 40°C water then thoroughly rinsed and spread or hung to dry.  Make sure the flag is completely dry before putting it away.

This design is developed by Nordic Animism (Animist/Rune Hjarnø Rasmussen). You are allowed to use it for personal projects but not for commercial purposes.